General Contracting


General Contracting or the Design-Bid-Build construction method in selecting a contractor is the traditional method for clients to select a construction company for their project. It is a service Whiteriver Construction (WRC) has been providing for over 20 years. In this method, a client hires a Design Team to provide complete design documents. Then after completion of design, plans, and specifications, requests pricing from contractors to build their project. We have successfully been able to overcome some of the disadvantages of this method by integrating the partnering philosophies and valued-added analysis more common in the Design-Build and Construction Manager at Risk method of selection.

Under the Design-Bid-Build method, to ensure our clients receive only the highest quality product, we have a very comprehensive subcontractor prequalification process for our new subcontractors and a large core crew of prequalified subcontractors with an already successful track record with WRC.

We have the ability to self-perform a large portion of your project, as well as, 100% of the civil work thanks to our sister company, Weeminuche Construction Authority (  Finally, we also have detailed cost histories that are updated routinely, dating back over 20 years to ensure our clients receive a good value for the product we are providing.

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