Our Areas of Expertise: Whiteriver Construction’s current abilities are centered in the areas of project management, commercial construction management, and general contracting. We have substantial expertise in new commercial construction, commercial renovations, additions, roads, utilities, and infrastructure projects under hard bid, design/build, negotiated, and Construction Management at Risk (CMAR) delivery methods for public and private clients. We are one of the fastest growing building construction companies in the Southwest.

Our Experience: We offer an experienced commercial construction team that has handled all aspects of commercial construction including Arizona and New Mexico soil issues, remote location performance, and hazardous material removal.

Our Subcontractor Relationships: As a local contractor in the White Mountains of Arizona, we have long established relationships with many of the subcontractors in the local area and currently have a subcontractor database of over 1300 firms throughout Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado. Subcontractor relationships are very important to Whiteriver Construction. Please see our subcontracting opportunities page to learn how be notified of bidding opportunities with Whiteriver Construction.

Our Technology: We currently utilize state of the art and specialized construction software, including Primavera scheduling and Sage Master Builder software for construction management and accounting. These applications allow complete, detailed scheduling and cost accounting for all projects, assisting us with our commitment to construction management excellence and remaining one of the top construction companies in the Southwest.