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Job Name: Dineh Cooperative Construction of 6 SF Homes
Location: Chinle, AZ
Bid Date: 3/7/2019 Bid Time: 10:00 AM Addenda: 7
Wage Scale: ONLR Prevailing Wage Contractor License Req’d: Any


Job Name: Holbrook Unified School District Gym Restrooms
Location: Holbrook, AZ
Bid Date: 2/25/19 Bid Time: 11:00 AM Addenda: 1
Wage Scale: N Contractor License Req’d: AZ


Job Name:
Bid Date: Bid Time: Addenda:
Wage Scale: Contractor License Req’d:
Job List
Job Name: SMASE 3 Group Home Re-Bid
Location: St. Michaels
Job Name: IHS Parker Computerized Tomography Expansion
Location: 12033 W. Agency Ave. Parker, AZ 85344


Job Name: Pueblo of Laguna Seama Community Building
Location: 7 Deer Dancer Rd. Seama, NM 87007


Job Name: NHA #389 – Nageezi 25 Homes
Location: Nageezi, NM


Job Name:IHS MACC – San Carlos Hospital Water System Improvements
Location: 1001 Medicine Way Peridot, AZ 85542


Job Name: IHS MACC – WR Exhaust System Renovation
Location: Whiteriver, AZ


Job Name:

Former Projects

Job Name: Tuuvi Travel Center
Location: Highway 160 South & State Route 264 Tuba City, AZ 86045